Always Have a Backup! (In Class)


Last week was the second week of presentations. I was excited to see where everyone was at and impressed with the outcome. It seems like everyone is on the right track! I know recently there were have been questions regarding computer glitches and uploading certain things. When Dr. Lackey recommended to save information or have a back up. I thought I would be okay because I have never had a problem with losing information. So instead of playing it safe and saving my work to a thumb drive or external hard drive. I just saved to windows and moved on…then came Thursday. That is the day my computer crashed! I was searching graphs to use for my video and apparently caught a virus that halted everything! To say I was “freaking out” would be to put it mildly. I thought I had lost everything, not just school work but pictures of my husband before he deployed and other important family photos. Luckily we have some great friends that came to my aid. Computer was fixed and I was more relieved than ever. Then came Sunday evening…something similar happened. My computer would not turn on. At my wits end, I referred to my neighborhood Best Buy about to take it in. Just before that, I hit power and low and behold the little lights started flickering! Now that my computer is working I am more nervous than ever that somethings going to happen again. With just one more week to finish our work, I am playing it safe and saving as much as I can to external sources! I have learned my lesson, yes it slowed me down, but I should have played it safe in the first place. I feel like we as society are so reliant on technology the moment it shuts down, which it can, we are lost. So I guess the moral of this week has been, you can never be too careful, ALWAYS have a backup!

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Required Post

I’m focusing my video on the emotional aspects of mental illness, specifically schizophrenia and how it can affect everyone. My plan was to use a “less is more” technique. I am using simple text, because I want the viewer to read the words as clear as possible. The images I chose to use are mainly in black and white. I feel that signifies dark times of someone who lives with an illness. A lot of the images I used are real. Ranging from old asylums to a mentally ill patients. I thought an accurate picture would portray the illness in a real light. The song choice is soft and has a beautifully sad melody. The music brings the words and pictures to life. I feel like the images will play an important role in showing the audience that, anyone can develop a mental illness. Schizophrenia among others are said to be predetermined in one’s genes, however that is not in every case.. I want people to realize how life is like for someone mentally ill and to understand they have no choice in the matter. But we do..and how we choose to treat others is something we get to decide. 

I really have surprised myself throughout this semester. I didn’t realize how passionate I was about making a difference in the mental health community. I feel I have grown throughout the portfolio process, I want people to see my video and feel impacted by it. Since I am taking the summer off of school to work more (coming back in the Fall), I plan on reading as much as I can. I also will continue writing my blogs because it is a wonderful outlet. I wasn’t as confident going into this semester but I am proud of how much I have grown so far.

I was touched after watching these videos. Dogs would do anything to protect those that they love. To see one sitting in traffic, not leaving its companions side after being hit was absolutely heart breaking. I have two dogs myself and I know if anything were to happen they would protect each other. If anyone is looking for a loyal friend that will always be by your side no matter what, rescue a dog. There are so many down here just looking for a home and family to call their own. 


Summer Fitness Trends

Summer is almost here, I can’t believe it. The thought of laying out with an ice tea in hand and a good book or taking a nice jog outside really gets my endorphin’s pumping! When it comes to thinking about  warm summer months its only natural to want to look your very best. Dieting can play a huge part and for some can lead to healthy lifestyle changes. I have tried a few diets over the last couple years myself, personally, the working out aspect has played the biggest role in making positive changes, that and drinking more water. I know there are always magical pills out there claiming to shrink your waist in just 28 days. However, those pills can be highly dangerous and addictive. The caffeine alone can have your heart pumping out of your chest. It is valuable to research any product you want to use, because the adds on TV and the internet usually aren’t the most accurate.

The whole dieting issue was sparked last week when a friend of mine started an intense diet that had me worried for her well being. She is looking to lose a good amount of weight in the next few months. Her main goal is to drink more water, after starting her diet for a week she must fast for the next seven days, only to drink water. After that week she is going to bring back food, and will have one cheat day a week. To me this seems a tad extreme, how one person can go from eating quite normal one week to just water another? That would be a shock to the system. I do hope she can make it through without getting sick- if I go half a day with out eating I feel dizzy- so I wish her luck. I just want to know when enough is enough? All of these diets may do well while we are on them but if your not working out while doing it, chances are you are going to resort back to your normal lifestyle afterwards. Diet pills, drink diets, soup diets, and water diets can only last for so long.The idea of eating healthy and taking 30-45 minutes to walk/ run can have a huge impact on the body. I realize it is not that simple it took me 3 months last year to lose ten pounds and that was from working out, cutting soda, and junk food. It wasn’t easy at all! I am not a fitness or health expert but having done some of these diets, I recommend the safe and more productive to go. Good old fashioned healthy eating and recreation should do the trick!

In Class- Videos

Today was extremely eye opening, in class we watched video clips aimed at our ideal audience. One video really made an impact for me. It was pertaining to Cardiovascular Disease. I thought it was an genius video starting with footage of 9/11, that instantly grabbed the viewers attention. Everyone has been impacted by the terrible events that occurred on that day that killed more than 2,700 innocent people. Little do most know that more than 2,500 innocent people will die each day of cardiovascular disease.This hits close to home for me because my grandpa died from a heart attack in his forties and my grandmother had two heart attacks followed by open heart surgery. This disease affects so many people, men and woman, young and old. The video really made the viewer aware of the overwhelming possibility of this happening to them. It doesn’t matter if your rich or poor, a heart attack can happen to anyone. The important thing is to remember to eat healthy, exercise, and make it a priority to get regular check ups.

Mental Illness Stigma-Required Post

According to Hubpages, “Approximately 23 percent of the US population suffer from a mental illness and half of those never get the help they need because of the stigma of mental illness.” In my opinion the audience for this article is aimed at anyone who has stigmatized anyone with a mental illness or knows someone who has. The author chose this audience because it is the people who have been ignorant and judgmental that make life that much more difficult for someone living with severe mental health issues.The author wants to target those people in hopes of potentially saving more lives. The targeted audience is quite clear with a subheading. “Things You Can Do To Battle Stigma,” in that portion the author gives ideas, such as: using respectful language, educating ourselves, and breaking down the barriers we as society have put up. The author approaches the audience with a unusual perspective, making it known that “stigma kills.” If we take a step back and realize that people are committing suicide each day, many from discouraging treatment brought on by the public and media, then maybe we as society will remember, a little compassion and encouragement can go a long way.

Treatment Hasn’t Improved Everywhere

I found this video while researching for my project. I was completely disgusted by the cruelty that is still going on around the world for the mentally ill, especially in asylums. Hard to believe the government, that is instituted to take care of you, would turn their backs on the ones that need help so badly. Apparently after attention was brought to this on the “Today Show” they did talk about making changes. Hopefully the production crew can go back to Serbia in a year and see what changes have been made, if any.